The Team

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Jackson & Ayla Holstein

 These two proud Oregonians who were born and raised in the hills of Dundee. At a young age, they had the red dirt of Dundee in their hands and between their toes. It was nothing short of destiny when Jackson and Ayla decided to return to their roots in the hills that shaped them. Together with the support of family, friends and canines, they are Granville Wine Co.

Ayla Z. Holstein

General Manager

Upon graduating from Linfield College with a degree in economics, Ayla began working with a local sustainability startup company. However, when the opportunity presented itself to work in the wine industry, she couldn’t resist. She spent years working on all three sides of production, wine-growing, cellar work, and the sales side of the industry. She also ventured off internationally to the Yarra Valley of Australia. Her goal is to help create a vibrant, educated wine community in the place she's always called home. 

Jackson Holstein

Grower & Wine Maker

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Jackson studied Natural Resources at Oregon State where he grew accustomed to making wine in closets, garages and old barns to pay the rent. After finishing school, he spent time working in local wineries as well as abroad in Australia. After returning, Jackson accepted a job at Advanced Vineyard Systems where he spent time as a vineyard manager for multiple sites in the Willamette Valley before moving to work on Granville full-time. Since 2014, Ayla and Jackson have shared all farmer and wine-making activities for Holstein Vineyard and Granville Wines.

Toby & Yarra

These two are highly qualified and responsible for all rodent control and vineyard security. 

The History

My earliest memories are in the back of a pick-up truck, bouncing along rough vineyard roads, day after day in the gentle summer sun of the Willamette Valley. Even now, nothing makes me feel more at home than the familiar sights and smells of an Oregon vineyard during a busy harvest. A dedicated viticulturalist, my father exposed me to every aspect of his job. And like any kid, I created games out of my environment – hide-and-seek between vines and barrels and, to my father’s great displeasure, “chicken” with the slow-moving vineyard tractors. To keep me out of trouble, I was soon put to work.

What once was a source of fun, trouble, and occasionally an allowance soon turned into a more formal seasonal job. I began working at Argyle Winery washing the grime off picking bins and working the bottling line. It wasn’t glamorous, but it paid for my growing love of cheap beer and the occasional date with my future wife, Ayla, when she would have me.

 Allen Holstein and Jackson Holstein (1991)   

Allen Holstein and Jackson Holstein (1991)


A fascination with wine and the art and science of wine-making began to grow. I bartered my way into a few bins of grapes from my family’s small 10-acre vineyard, and convinced a college instructor to let me experiment in his old moonshine barn. This fascination grew into a passion, and I found myself fully immersed in every aspect of wine making. After graduation, I spent several years managing vineyards and working in wine cellars oversees, all while maintaining my personal project that would eventually turn into Granville Wine Co.

After 35 years of growing Oregon wine, my father’s recent retirement opened the opportunity to lease my family’s vineyard – where quite literally this all began. Holstein Vineyard, just over the hill from my wife’s childhood home, is now the official home of Granville Wine Co.

Together Ayla and I have dedicated ourselves to developing a product and brand that represents all that we love about this special place. We are proud to make estate grown, hand crafted, soulful wines. 


Jackson & Ayla Holstein

The Vines

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The Holstein Vineyard is located at the top of the Dundee Hills at an elevation of 700 feet. Planted at high density in volcanic Jory clay soils with aspects to the west, east, and south. This site has produced top-shelf Pinot Noir for the likes of Argyle Winery, Arterberry Maresh, Purple Hands Winery, Walter Scott, and now Granville Wine Company. The vineyard is managed and operated by the Holstein family with generations of growing experience.